Handling of emergency objects

When integrating various forms of devices, generally speaking there are usually requirements that a certain degree of fault isolation of those devices needs to be done. EtherCAT slaves specifically can transmit emergency objects (EMCY) – a protocol inherited from CANopen. An emergency message is a high priority message sent once, and is triggered by an error event in the EtherCAT slave device.

Normally the emergency objects are showing up in the visual studio development environment, but that might not be enough. At one occasion I wanted to be able to handle the emergency objects in PLC code. Handling and reception of the emergency objects via the diagnosis history object will be explained in two parts – first we’re going to start with the theory of the diagnosis history object. In the second part we’ll create function blocks to implement handling of the diagnosis history object. The first part is out and can be located here!

Warning Icon by Martz90 / CC BY

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