TcUnit 1.3 released

Dear TwinCAT’ers

I’m very happy to announce the release of TcUnit version 1.3.

TcUnit is an open-source unit testing framework for Beckhoff PLCs, which has quickly become the world’s most popular unit testing framework for PLCs. What started as a hobby-project, has now brought test driven development (TDD) and unit testing to a much bigger audience. The amount of users has grown tremendously in the last year, and there are even two fortune-500 companies using it for their PLC software development. TcUnit is used across the industry around the globe, improving the software design and quality of PLC software. TcUnit has brought TDD (test-driven-development) and unit testing to the masses in the world of industrial automation.

To download TcUnit 1.3 and see what is new, please go to the releases on GitHub:

Though I’m very happy that TcUnit has gained so much users, it’s also a lot of work maintaining TcUnit and supporting all its users with support, basically turning the whole project into a voluntary/unpaid part-time job.
For this reason, I have decided to open a sponsoring page for it on GitHub. If you or your company is using TcUnit for your PLC software development, or simply want to support TcUnit in making the industrial automation world adopt TDD, I would highly appreciate if you would consider sponsoring TcUnit through the new sponsoring page which is available here: TcUnit is, and always will be, 100% free and open-source.

If you are curious of what TcUnit, TDD and unit testing is, I’ve created a (free) course about it on YouTube, which is accessible here: (part 1) (part 2)

There is also a ton of documentation and examples available on the official website:

Thanks for all the wonderful contributors in adding features and maintaining TcUnit. ❤️

The team behind TcUnit will not stop working on and promoting TcUnit and TDD for PLC-programming until EVERY SINGLE automation engineer applies the practices of TDD in their software development lifecycle. Let’s keep changing the whole automation industry by applying modern software development practices to it!

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