TwinCAT 3 roundtable discussion

I love industrial fairs. When walking around and seeing all the fancy tech, I always feel like a small kid on Christmas Eve. There are so many toys, and I try to find a reason to buy something to use at work, even though deep inside I know I just want to satisfy the child in me. Because of Covid-19, this year all the fairs were (not very surprisingly) cancelled. One of the best fairs is the SPS Messe which runs in the end of November. This year, the fair was named SPS connect, and the different vendors did an online version with various content. Beckhoff was not an exception, and as one of their topics (from the list of many) they had a roundtable discussion about TwinCAT 3 that I was invited into. It was a good opportunity for me and Peter to share some of our TwinCAT experience and thoughts.

Go and watch the video here!

I think this was a great initiative from Beckhoff and I hope that there will be more occasions like this!

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