Found this information on the TwinCAT LinkedIn-group, but thought it’s good to share it with everyone else. Beckhoff unfortunately don’t provide release notes with updates/bug fixes/features to new releases of TwinCAT. They have however recently added a new RSS-feed so that it’s possible to follow new releases of TwinCAT and the different supplements. Apparently this is going to be added to the Visual Studio start page from TwinCAT 3.1.4024, which hopefully will be released in the not-too -distant future. The address to the feed is

I use a plugin to chrome called RSS Feed Reader which I find really nice. Just install it (you don’t need to register for an account), and add the feed to the plugin. Next to the address bar in chrome you will now automatically see all news from Beckhoff conveniently.

Beckhoff feed in RSS feeder plugin

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