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My main software development machine is getting really old and tired so I decided to build a new one. When I was younger it was a lot of fun to build computers, but now that I’m old, boring and grey I haven’t had the time nor the motivation to build a computer but rather just buy one that’s pre-built. This time I have decided I will go back to my roots and build the computer myself. Join me on the journey of building a new software development machine!


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  1. Daniel


    just wanted to say thanks for all the great Tc Videos!

    Have you tried running TwinCat on your new machine outside of a VM? I’ve also recently built a Tc Pc with an Alder Lake CPU (i5 12600K) and I’m having lots of issues running Tc with isolated cores. In most configurations, I get a blue screen when activating the configuration for the 2nd time – the 1st time is always no problem. But when hyperthreading is deactivated and 4 or more cores are isolated the problem seems to disappear.

    • Hi Daniel! As I’m mostly using virtual machines I haven’t run into any issues. I’ve run it directly on the machine, but only on shared cores. Maybe it has to do with the fact that some cores are “full” cores while other are “efficiency” cores. I guess Beckhoff are most likely adding functionality to handle different cores in future version of TwinCAT. Cheers.

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