PLC programming using TwinCAT 3 tutorial – part 11

Dear existing & future PLC software developers, I have published part 11 of my free PLC programming using TwinCAT 3 tutorial.

When you start to develop PLC software and you’ve worked for a few projects, you will come to a point where you will notice that certain parts of the software, like function blocks, will be copied between the projects. You’ll either do it by simple rewriting the same functions or function blocks again, or you will simply copy and paste it from one project to another. Also, once a project gets big enough, you will want to utilize something called libraries. With this we can achieve code re-use.

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  1. Martin

    Hi Jakob,

    I think one important point is missing in this video: Placeholders.

    The standard behavior of TC3 is to use the newest libraries installed on the PC. This leads to problems especially when your libs are not backward compatible. So always select a fixed library version in the placeholders page after adding a library.

    Also the commands “Install Project Library” and “Update project library folder” should be mentioned in this context.

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