PLC programming using TwinCAT 3 tutorial – part 18

Dear existing & future PLC software developers, I have published the last part of my free PLC programming using TwinCAT 3 tutorial.

So we’ve come to an end. For the last two years all my weekends, holidays, summer/winter vacations and basically every free-moment I’ve had, went into the creation of the free “PLC programming using TwinCAT 3” course on YouTube. It’s been the biggest hobby-project I’ve ever commited myself to, and I together with my wife would like to finish by saying a few words.

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  1. Paul Freed

    Hallo Jakob!

    Thanks for all the hard work and effort you have put into these videos.
    I come from an electronics background and find your content very helpful.
    Hope I find the time to go through them all.
    Gruesse aus Neuseeland,

  2. Robert


    Thank you for sharing your passion! As an mechanical engineer with zero experience with PLC programming have learned a lot. Me and my collegues are slowly getting into the world of PLC programming thanks to your time and effort that you’ve put in to share your knowledge. Let’s share the world!

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